Use Glorious Lashes 21 to care for, protect and strengthen your eyelashes every day – the result is fantastically beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. With Glorious Lashes 21 you can also give your eyebrows back density and thus expressiveness.


Preferably in the evening. After cleaning, apply sparingly to the closed eyelid like an eyeliner and allow to dry. Once the desired eyelash length has been reached, one application 2 to 3 times a week is sufficient.

Note Do not use serum on injured areas of skin and before or after sunbathing. Do not get in eyes.


Free from parabens, coloring and preservatives


The eyelash booster Glorious Lashes 21 makes your dream of wonderfully long and thick eyelashes come true

Every woman would like to have wonderfully thick and strikingly long eyelashes. Unfortunately, very few people have these by nature. So that you can still look forward to fantastically beautiful, ultra-long eyelashes – without any extensions or fake lashes – special eyelash growth serums help. These innovative products specifically support the growth of small hairs and have a nurturing effect at the same time. The result is natural-looking, fantastically voluminous eyelashes in breathtaking length – for expressive eyes. Your eyes are particularly effective under a perfectly formed eyebrow arch. In order to give this an even density, an eyelash growth serum can also be used and ensure seductive looks full of magic.


Glorious Lashes 21 – a true volume booster

The name 21 Trans-Dermal® stands for a new generation of cosmetic products with highly effective ingredients. With the development of the eyelash serum Glorious Lashes 21, the care experts at Skin Care Manufaktur have succeeded in developing an innovative care product that effectively thickens and lengthens the eyelashes. This is made possible by a special combination of active ingredients of highly compatible prostaglandin, effective hyaluronic acid and biotin, also known as vitamin H. This unique compound stimulates, strengthens and revitalizes the hair roots, thereby promoting natural hair growth. The caring active ingredients also extend the life of the fine hairs and delay their loss. This is how a fascinating volume is achieved.


How often is it necessary to use the eyelash growth serum?

In order to best care for and strengthen your eyelashes, you should initially use Glorious Lashes 21 daily. As soon as the desired effect sets in, one application two to three times a week is sufficient. However, regular use is essential, as this is the only way to achieve consistently intensive care for your eyelashes. For the best possible results, it is best to apply the serum in the evening before going to bed. To do this, first remove your make-up completely. Thoroughness is particularly important here, since the nourishing active ingredients can only be optimally absorbed on unmade-up skin.


How exactly do I use the eyelash growth serum?

Like all 21 Trans-Dermal® cosmetic products, the Glorious Lashes 21 eyelash growth serum stands for uncomplicated use. That’s why the innovative growth booster comes in a practical applicator bottle and is very easy to use. Using the miniature brush, simply apply the serum along the lash line like an eyeliner. To do this, start at the inner edge of the eyelid and carefully guide the brush outwards. The applicator is designed to take the intended amount of liquid without you having to re-immerse it. After you have applied the growth serum to both the upper and lower lid edge up to the corner of the eye, close your eyes briefly and let the pleasantly cool serum work for a few seconds. You can then continue your daily care ritual as usual. Do you not only want effective eyelashes, but also more volume for your eyebrows? Then give them more fullness and expressiveness with the innovative liquid.


Is the eyelash growth serum also suitable for sensitive skin and eyes?

Both the eyes themselves and the skin around the eyes are particularly sensitive and react quickly to an incorrect treatment with an unpleasant burning sensation or reddening. That’s why the eyelash growth serum Glorious Lashes 21 contains only very well-tolerated ingredients and is guaranteed free of parabens and dyes. In accordance with the demands that the 21st century places on an innovative cosmetic product, the growth serum is also vegan and suitable for all skin types and contact lens wearers. However, be careful not to touch the sensitive mucous membrane of the eyelid or the eyeball when using it, as this can cause irritation.


More tips for an unforgettable look

An eyelash curler is required to give your wonderfully long and thick eyelashes the perfect curl. For optimal and long-lasting beautiful results, heat them briefly with a hair dryer and hold the eyelashes in the tongs for a few seconds. You can now give light eyelashes the desired shade with a high-quality mascara, which can be either natural or dramatic. Use the small brush to carefully apply the color in gentle zigzag movements. In this way, you are guaranteed to catch every hair, no matter how fine. For a special wow effect, emphasize the tips of the eyelashes again with a subtle layer of color. This makes long eyelashes look even longer. Don’t forget the lower lash line either.

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Effective boosting serum for wonderfully long, thick and voluminous eyelashes and full eyebrows.


• revitalizes, stimulates and strengthens the hair roots
• promotes natural hair growth
• prolongs the growth phase and at the same time delays hair loss
• provides long-lasting care and boosts volume
• thickens and lengthens eyelashes, makes eyebrows (expressive) fuller