Move To Beauty was founded in 2012 under the leadership of professional, experienced cosmetology specialist Luba Simora, with a medical background and studying experience in London, Paris and Belgium. The mission was to help people emphasize their beauty and uniqueness, reach their skin goals.

An experienced entrepreneur and noble businessman Mr. Bagramyan has a noticeable and important role in the development and strengthening of this company. The strong union of love between these two people became a turning point for the brand.
During these years, Move To Beauty has managed to establish strong connections and acquire partners in the large beauty market.

In 2017, the clinic started a partnership with Bioglogique Recherche. During its active operation in 2019, Move To Beauty bought Spasiba spa center, which had already had a rich story of 10 years successful work, on the most famous boulevard of Brussels.

In 2019, Move To Beauty became the official distributor of MBR (Medical Beauty Research) and MSB (Medical Spirit of Beauty) in Belgium, France and Monaco, where the above-mentioned corporations, offer the best range of cosmetics and skin care products on the market. Continuing the activities, we started our cooperation also with the Peninsula Hotel in Paris.

Mission of
Our mission is to help people emphasize their beauty and uniqueness through the highly skilled and professional staff. Our experts make a personalized treatment by providing an individual approach for each person.

Human skin is the indicator of health and a reflection of inner world. The primary goal is to bring a person closer to their dream skin thanks to well-chosen skincare, discipline and professional assistance.
With us the result is always above from your expectation.
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