A calming liquid mask that instantly soothes skin which has been exposed to excessive UV radiation. It restores the skin’s moisture balance and activates important cell protection features.

• Soothing components care for skin which has become stressed through exposure to UV radiation, giving it a relaxed and smooth feel
• Moisture loss is sustainably balanced
• The skin‘s own immune system is activated, supporting both cell protection and regeneration functions
• Lines and wrinkles caused by the sun are reduced
• An even, beautiful tan can be maintained for a long time

After cleansing your skin, unfold the After SUN Liquid Mask and lightly press it onto your skin. Allow the mask to take effect for approximately 5–10 minutes, then take it off. Afterwards, apply the recommended MBR® skincare products.


0.031 kg


1 fleece matrix (soaked)




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After SUN Liquid Mask