The skin looks pale and lackluster, it itches and tightens. Small dryness wrinkles appear and flakes of skin come to the surface. The skin is now particularly susceptible to external factors and redness, irritation and impurities develop. Target group for normal and dry skin Application After cleansing and drying off, apply Natural Peel med to the face and neck once per day, ideally in the evening. Avoid the eye area. Allow the product to be absorbed for approximately 15 minutes (slight reddening and a tingling sensation are intended). Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water. Afterwards, apply the appropriate active serum and the care products. Tip Also ideal for men’s skin, as the problem of ingrown whiskers is minimized. Note Avoid contact with eyes! After application, the skin should be protected with a high SPF.


Suitable for

normal and dry skin


Active ingredients

A combination of natural fruit acids from passion fruit, lemon, pineapple and grape, D-panthenol, Hydrolite®5


Nach dem Reinigen Natural Peel med 1 mal täglich, vorzugsweise abends, auf die abgetrocknete Haut auf Gesicht und Hals großzügig auftragen, die Augenpartie dabei aussparen und ca. 15 Minuten einwirken lassen (eine leichte Rötung und ein prickelndes Gefühl sind erwünscht). Anschließend mehrmals gründlich mit handwarmem Wasser abspülen. Anschließend das entsprechende Wirkstoffserum sowie die Pflegeprodukte auftragen. Tipp Ideal auch für Männerhaut, da das Problem einwachsender Barthaare minimiert wird.


0.143 kg


50 × 50 × 146 cm


Man, Unisex, Woman

Need for Care

Combination skin, Dry skin, Normal skin


Anti-Aging, Anti-blemishes, Anti-pigment, Brightening, Moisturizing, Purifying


30ml, 50ml




30ml, 50ml


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Natural Peel med

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A natural combination of fruit acids featuring specially integrated plant-based polymers with an acid percentage of approximately 10 %. Suitable for normal and dry skin.


  • Refines the structure of the skin, cornifications are loosened
  • Increases the capacity for absorbing active ingredients
  • Brings the skin into balance and lets it shine
  • Ideal for men‘s skin, minimizes ingrown whiskers

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