We put our feet to the test all day long and they carry us through our whole lives. Nothing “runs” without them, yet when it comes to self-care, the feet are often overlooked. Beautiful feet need to be cared for. Target group

  • for normal and dry or cracked skin

Application Apply a small amount to dry skin daily after showering and massage into skin using gentle pressure.


Suitable for

normal, dry and cracked skin

Active ingredients

ALPHA AC3 Repair-Complex, Gatuline® Skin Repair Bio, panthenol


Täglich nach dem Duschen auf die trockene Haut eine kleine Menge auftragen und anschließend mit leichtem Druck einmassieren.


0.166 kg


51 × 72 × 162 cm


Man, Unisex, Woman

Need for Care

Blemished skin, Combination skin, Dry skin, Feet, Mature skin, Normal skin, Oily skin, Pigmented skin, Sensitive skin


Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Smoothing




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Alpha-Trophox112® Foot Cream

Delivery time: approx. 2-5 working days

Highly concentrated, pampering and soothing foot cream with the ALPHA AC3 Repair Complex developed by MSB® Cosmeceuticals.

  • Activates the natural regeneration process
  • Has a regenerative, hydrating, and soothing effect
  • Leaves the skin soft and supple
  • Provides soothing relaxation for tired, sore feet