Quick beautifier

Intensely revitalising, regenerating and energising cream mask.

• Quickly balances care deficits and calms
• Regenerates and smoothes the skin structure
• Stimulates and regulates cell functions
• Makes skin appear visibly recuperated and energetic
• Noticeably improves tone and elasticity
• Refreshes immediately

Use as needed for instantly visible refreshment. After cleansing and opening, apply a generous amount to your face and neck area. Avoid the eye area. Leave the mask on for approx. 20 minutes. Remove it with lukewarm water or a cosmetic pad and apply an MBR finishing care product that matches your care target.

A mask optimises daily care. For skin requiring care, for a quick vitalisation or as immediate help after care errors, application of 2−3 times a week, depending on requirement, is recommended.




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CytoLine Face Mask 100